"Creativity is intelligence having fun." (Source: risdid)

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." (Source: risdid)

Advertisement for National Condom Day by Holly van who (Source: Behance)

Advertisement for National Condom Day by Holly van who (Source: Behance)

"Oh Joy" embroidered logo by Maricor Maricar (Source: typejunkie)

Business card design by St. Bernadine (Source: segundoprimera)

Surprise wedding invitations by Amy Constable (Source: alisonkatecarter)

As a wedding invitation designer and letterpress printer, I cheated myself out of the best possible job opportunity when my (now husband) and I decided to throw a surprise wedding at our daughter’s 2nd birthday. Then I got thinking… maybe I could create invitations to the birthday that hid some kind of secret message. I spent months poring over a design that existed on two separate levels: a little girl’s birthday invitation that, when viewed through 3D decoder glasses, became a wedding invitation. The design had to be really tight so that we felt confident to send it to our friends and family without worrying that they would see the hidden message. And guess what? It worked! Until they arrived at the birthday party and put those 3D glasses on, they never saw it coming.  

"Piece of Cake" print advertisements for Nissan Xterra by Daniel Djarmati (Source: Behance)

"Fifty-Five Things" by Marie Zieger (Source: lapausegraphique)

"Rubber Barber" by Chen Lu Wei (Source: from89)

"Creativity takes courage" (Source: dailyartspace)

"Creativity takes courage" (Source: dailyartspace)

(via dailyartspace)

"Ice Drop" handmade glass candle holder by Mehtap Obuz for Ilio (Source: worclip)

Like a melting icicle suspended from the branch of a tree, Ice Drop is literally frozen liquid in motion. Each is mouth-blown free form glass, each truly unique. Sculpture and candle holder all in one.

"Little Holes" campaign - Smallable (Source: silentgiantla)

“Adult fashion now available for kids.”

Minimalist Wood Sculpture by Split Grain (Source: Colossal via from89)

"Matka vase" by Pepe Heykoop (Source: jeffrigerator via risdid)

Using distinctive techniques from his Skin Collection, Matka Vases are designed by Pepe Heykoop and produced in his workshop located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Mumbai, India, providing meaningful jobs, income and hope for the neediest.

Matka Vase is designed using recycled Matka’s (traditional Indian stainless steel water carriers) and scrap leather. Every single vase contains a unique and personal story both of its previous owner and the person who gave it new life and use. Matka Vase has just recently gone into production and proceeds from sales are partly used to send street children to school.

As a reaction to the huge amount of waste of high quality leather created by the furniture industry (25 up to 30%), Pepe has designed the Skin Collection in 2011. In 2012, the Matka vase was born. The scraps generate a unique and random pattern as every piece has a different shape, giving the Matka a new life by turning waste into a Vase.

Logo sketches by Mike | Creative Mints (Source: trendgraphy)

Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey (Source: fer1972 via worclip)