Packaging for The Tea Bar by Proud Design (Source: miseenpage)

Campbell’s Soup limited edition Andy Warhol cans (Source: Creative Review | Daily Mail)

Packagin design and branding for Bermellón, Mexican hot candy confectionery shop, by Anagrama (Source: Design Boom)

Packaging design for Mysterium wine (Source: suspensefulgraphics)

Corporate identity for Waldo Trommler Paints (Source: Reynolds & Reyner)

Chocolate bar - Berkeley branding (Source: artpixie)

Chocolate bar - Berkeley branding (Source: artpixie)

Packaging redesign for Ramlösa mineral water (Source: The Dieline)

Branding and store design for The Candy Room, Melbourne, Australia (Source: Fubiz)

"Real Fruit Boxes" project by Camp Nectar (Source: Feel Desain)

Packaging for Folksaga by Caleb Heisey (Source: brain-food)

Lolli-pop by Massimo Gammacurta (Source: adverve)

Branding for fictional cafe, Novel Tea by Woody Harrington (Source: nevver)

Branding for fictional cafe, Novel Tea by Woody Harrington (Source: nevver)

Packaging for Pulp Friction by Woody Harrington (Source: Cargo Collective)

Pulp Friction is a fictional company geared towards young adults that promotes nutrition through a selection of healthy juice drinks. You would find Pulp Friction products at movie theater concession stands, as alternatives to sodas and energy drinks.

Packaging for Good Milk (Source: suspensefulgraphics)

Branding for LaBelle Family Wine Company by Ali Labelle (Source: marlenedoll)

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