"Cut Food" series by Beth Galton (Source: bethgalton.com via imaging-resource)

Packaging design for GOA Health Yoghurt by Isabela Rodrigues (Source: The Dieline via escapekit)

"Creativity with Food" project by Hong Yi (Source: Design Boom via unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream)

malaysian artist/architect hong yi (who goes by the nickname red) will be posting an art piece on instagram made from food on a white plate every day for 30 days in the month of march.

"Periodic Dinner Table" collection by Stacey Bramhall (Source: staceythinx)

A few of the plates from my new Periodic Dinner Table collection, pieces of which can be found in both my Zazzle and CafePress stores.

"Pantone Pairings" by David Schwen (Source: cosascool)

"Type Delight" by Nina Harcus (Source: betype)

"Savone" plate series by Metaphys (Source: everything-creative)

"16th October 2012 - World Food Day" - Unicef (Source: helloyoucreatives)

"16th October 2012 - World Food Day" - Unicef (Source: helloyoucreatives)

Food pen drives by la boîte à couture (Source: thepixelatednerd)

"I-Cakes" by Martí Guixé (Source: TheMag | Wave Avenue)

"I-Cakes" by Martí Guixé (Source: TheMag | Wave Avenue)

Packaging for Twin Wave Snack Kit by Sharon Hsiao (Source: electrikmuse)

"Fictitious Dishes" by Dinah Fried (Source: Visual News)

The photographs in the series, Fictitious Dishes, enter the lives of five fictional characters and depict meals from the novels.

Top to bottom: Oliver Twist, The Catcher in the Rye, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Moby Dick, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

"Merlot goes well with poultry. Marcus James goes well with you." - Vinicola Aurora (Source: Ads of the World)

"Light Breakfast" by David Sykes (Source: whisplash)

"Light Breakfast" by David Sykes (Source: whisplash)

Food landscapes by Alexander Crispin (Source: cosascool)