"Sugar Series" by Emily Blincoe (Source: teaim)

"Cut Food" series by Beth Galton (Source: bethgalton.com via imaging-resource)

"People everywhere go with Visa" - Visa Global campaign by Hillary Coe (Source: Behance)

"Creativity with Food" project by Hong Yi (Source: Design Boom via unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream)

malaysian artist/architect hong yi (who goes by the nickname red) will be posting an art piece on instagram made from food on a white plate every day for 30 days in the month of march.

"Papercraft" by Maria Luján and Maie Escorial (Source: unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream)

"Pantone Pairings" by David Schwen (Source: cosascool)

"Type Delight" by Nina Harcus (Source: betype)

"Just the Juice" - Tefal (Source: fromthetrojanhorse)

"In Pieces" collection by Dean West and Nathan Sawaya (Source: thekhooll)

In Pieces, multi-media collaboration between the photographer Dean West and the LEGO-sculptor Nathan Sawaya exploring the idea that identity exists today predominantly as a cultural creation and something which has been heavily commercialized and manipulated.

"A Colorful Winter" by Florent Tanet (Source: whisplash)

"WM" and "Apples" photo projects by Sakir Gokcebag (Source: likeafieldmouse)

"New York 2012" by Matthew Richards (Source: showslow)

"Liquid Glass" by Jean Bérard (Source: takeovertime)

(via takeovertime)

"Choctone"by La CAZAPIX (Source: Design You Trust - Facebook)

"Choctone"by La CAZAPIX (Source: Design You Trust - Facebook)

Water drop photos by Markus Reugels (Source: showslow)